Pressure builds in Hilversum. Who will win the KLM Open?

As day 4 of the KLM Open is well underway, the big question is: who will have the strongest nerves to win the title in Hilversum, The Netherlands? Three players are leading at -12, Larrazábal, Storm and Fernandez-Castaño!

Just before noon, all flights had teed off, with Willett, Stenson and Colsaerts at 11.30, Hanson, Storm and Ramsay ten minutes later and Jamieson, Larrazabál and Fernandez-Castaño in the last flight.

After the first two holes Pablo Larrazábal and Scott Jamieson took the first blow, when both scored a bogey; the Spaniard immediately recovered on hole 3 with a birdie, which brought him back ‘en route for victory’. With Graeme Storm and Gonzalo Fernandez-Castaño he is now the leader at -12, with Peter Hanson staying close at -11, together with Jamieson. Belgian Nicolas Colsaerts has moved a bit closer to the top of the leaderboard and is now tied 6th at -8.

“I will attack”
Pablo Larrazábal was feeling well, at the start of the KLM Open final. He promised: “I will attack whatever I can attack. I’ve not been in contention for a while, so I am going to have some fun and try to compete for the title.” Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano also was in good spirits before teeing off. “Right now I am where I want to be,” said Fernandez-Castaño. “It is going to be fun.” Scott Jamieson is fully aware of his chances to be the third Scottish winner in three consecutive European Tour events. “It would be great to get a Scottish hat-trick”, Jamieson commented. For Graeme Storm, a good result is crucial for the near future. He needs a win or a top ranking to secure his European Tour card for next season.

For Peter Hanson, the KLM Open is a particularly difficult tournament. Starting today at -11, one shot behind the four leaders, his thoughts were with his one-year-old son, who was hospitalised with a respiratory virus. Hanson did not get much sleep and received permission from the referee to use his mobile phone on the course to receive frequent updates about his son’s condition.

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