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The World's Most Dangerous Golf Courses

WARNING: Golf Can Seriously Damage Your Health!

Hi everybody! My latest Blog features 3 golf courses where even the mentally strong player would suffer 1st Tee nerves. In fact, walking the fairways could be a life-threatening experience! Read on and find out where you can play “The World's Most Dangerous Golf Courses” if you dare!

Louisiana State Penitentiary, U.S.A

The Prison View 9-Hole G.C is located on the grounds of LSP maximum security prison and is maintained by the inmates.
Golfers requesting a Tee Time here must submit their personal information 48 hours in advance for screening. All weapons, maps and cameras have to be left at the prison gate before accessing the course.

Play may be suspended at any time and has being on several occasions due to riots, attempted breakouts and other emergencies!!

Camp Bonifas, Korean Demilitarized Zone

Named after a U.S. soldier that was killed here in the line of duty. This "golf course" is in fact a single Par 3 hole within the DMZ separating North and South Korea. The 192 yard hole sits in the middle of an active minefield and is surrounded by razor wire and machine gun nests!

Golfers wishing to play here are required to sign a waiver, which acknowledges "serious injury or death" as distinct possibilities while on the course. A caddy who doubles as a trained sniper and knows the terrain is compulsory. This is probably the only time the player is more likely to say "Good Shot" rather than the caddy!!

Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok

There are many golf courses located near Airports around the world. The Kantarat G.C however was built on the Don Muang Airport itself, literally between the two main runways.

Players have to overcome the noise of Jumbo Jets taking off and a red light warns them when a plane is landing, wake turbulence affects the flight of the ball! Access to the course is now restricted due to security concerns. Golfers risk getting injured or killed if an aircraft skids of the runway and the planes are at risk from wayward Tee-Shots!!

Have you ever had a life-threatening experience on the golf course? If so, please share it with us on Facebook.

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