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The Seven Ages Of The Golf Swing, Part 4

Jack Nicklaus – The Modern Era Begins

The Seven Ages Of The Golf Swing, Part 4Hi everybody! Part four of my series looks at Jack Nicklaus, superstar pro golfer, golf course architect and gentleman, he is the most successful golfer of all time and the king of the modern era. Read on and learn the history of the man they call the Golden Bear.   

For The Record

For the purest, Jack Nicklaus is quite simply the greatest golfer off all time. Jack has won 20 Major Championships, more than any other golfer. Two US Amateurs, Six Masters, Four US Opens, five USPGA Championships and three Open Championships. His 20th in 1986 was his finest hour, when he won The Masters, playing the last 10 holes in 7 under par, he was 46 years old.

Golden Swing

Jack Nicklaus hit the ball farther than his contemporaries and much higher. He also had precise control over the distance he hit each club. On Jack's back-swing, the club extends far from the body with the left arm, creating tremendous width in the swing. This also sets the stage for an upright swing plane and some would say a "Flying Elbow," and Jack was forced to re-route the club on a much flatter plane at the beginning of the down-swing where he smashed the ball with his awesome power.

Two noticeable pointers in Jack's swing were the "Head Tilt" to the right and the lifting of the left heel on the back-swing (see video), in the 70s, when Jack was in his prime, it seemed every golfer copied him (including me!), these characteristics however, are seldom seen with today's golfers.

Off Course Achievements

Jack Nicklaus has designed over 280 golf courses around the world. Ninety of them are used by the PGA Tour. He also designed the infamous Cayman Golf Course and ball. During the 1977 Ryder Cup Jack approached the PGA about the urgency to improve the competitive level of the contest. His proposal was to include the European players to the team of Great Britain & Ireland. The rest they say, is History...

Mark's Must Read Golf Book Tip:

Jack Nicklaus: Memories and Mementos from Golf's Golden Bear.
A fully illustrated autobiography, the legendary golfer offers the story of his life, both professional and personal.

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