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Mark Wainfor, a PGA qualified pro golfer since 1989, has up to 20 years as a PGA Golf Professional to his name. He’ll share his top golf tips and experiences with you here

The Seven Ages of The Golf Swing, Part 3

Ben Hogan – Age Of The Steel Shaft

The Seven Ages of The Golf Swing, Part 3Hi everybody! Part three of my series honours Ben Hogan, recognized by many golfers including Nicklaus & Woods as the best ball-striker of all time, Hogan's profound influence on the golf swing theory is legendary. Read on as we look at his life and timeless golf swing.

Hogan History

Ben Hogan is truly one of the giants in golf history. Born on August 13th, 1912, in Texas, he joined the professional circuit in 1932. Hogan is considered one of the greatest ever ball strikers, however, he is also known to have been a very poor putter by professional standards (the same can be said about Garcia & Westwood today). Despite this flaw in his game Hogan won 64 PGA Events, including 9 Major Championships. In 1953, with his career coming to an end, and almost crippled from a horrific car accident he played in only six tournaments and won five times, three of which were Majors!

Hogan Swing With Steel Shafts

Ben Hogan's "nearly perfect golf swing" has being copied, disused and scrutinized more than any other in the history of the game. A steely perfectionist who practiced so hard his hands would bleed, Hogan was one of the first golf professionals to benefit from the use of the revolutionary steel shaft. Standing at 5 ft 8 inches and weighing just 140 pounds (small in comparison to today’s players) Hogan's swing plane can appear slightly "flat", this is just an optical illusion.

The Seven Ages of The Golf Swing, Part 3

The key points to admire in his swing are: 1: On the back-swing, the relationship between his left forearm and the club-face being absolutely parallel to the swing plane. 2: The ability to reduce his lower body rotation creating massive tension in his torso 3: The clearing of the left side through impact allowing a free flowing arm swing. 4: His outstanding rhythm which he maintained with every club

The Seven Ages of The Golf Swing, Part 3Mark's Must Read Golf Book Tip – Ben Hogan “The Modern Fundamentals Of Golf”

Written by Hogan himself and first published in 1957 ‘The Modern Fundamentals Of Golf’ was his second book (‘Power Golf’ was his first). This is still the best selling golf instruction book of all time. Featured in the book, the famous ‘pane of glass’ theory to assist golfers staying on their back-swing plane. Today, swinging on plane is the cornerstone of much modern teaching.

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