Ladies' Tees

Ladies' Tees

Meet Chris de Vries, an up and coming lady pro. Follow her as she takes you through her season on the Ladies European Tour and to great places to play around the world.

Golf as an adventure

Creativity and its heroes

Golf as an adventureWhen Bubba Watson won his first Major at Augusta a few weeks ago the world of golf just got a bit more exciting in my opinion.

Most of you have probably watched The Masters live and can still visualize Bubba hit his drive far into the trees on the second play-off hole against former British Open Champion Louis Oosthuizen. From that spot in the trees his chances of winning the green jacket seemed small, but he turned things around by hitting a great shot with a wedge onto the green. He needed two putts to get the ball into the hole from there and beat his rival in great style.

Consistency and mechanical golf

 It has been said by many people lately that golf’s growth is somewhat stagnating, but I think that players like Bubba Watson keep the spirit of the game alive. Most professionals on tour these days, go for consistency in their game and try to hit as many fairways and greens as possible. To attain this, they build a technically solid swing that is easily repeatable. With the majority of professionals the spectator gets bored. The consistent players give the amateur golfer the feeling that the way they play is unattainable for them, because they don’t make many mistakes.

Adventures or percentage

Of course Bubba Watson tries to hit fairways and greens as well, but he does it in a different manner. His style if more attacking, free and joyful. In interviews he said that his goal on the course is to have fun and to ‘goof around’. This attitude and the game it produces is fun to watch as a spectator! Bubba’s game, to me, is very inspiring and reminds me of the way Severiano Ballesteros used to play. The words I would describe their game with are creative, free and adventurous. It looks like they want to play all the shots to their maximum potential but by doing so also take some risk. The risks in crazy shots are always higher than in the ‘percentage’ shots in which you try to find the balance between risk and safety. With Seve and Bubba you get the feeling things can go either very right or very wrong and that makes them exciting players to watch. Also they make mistakes and are not afraid to make them. Because you see them hit bad shots, you can identify better with them and admire them even more because of the mistakes.

Things to keep in mind

What we can all learn from these creative players is that it is ok to make mistakes and that there is a lot of fun in playing golf in a creative way. If you go for the adventurous and crazy shot you are guaranteed an adventure in any case!

What is your opinion about Bubba?

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