Ladies' Tees

Ladies' Tees

Meet Chris de Vries, an up and coming lady pro. Follow her as she takes you through her season on the Ladies European Tour and to great places to play around the world.

Caddies on tour

A story about my caddie last week

Caddies on tourLiving on tour is pretty special and definitely different from ‘everyday life’ and ‘every day golf’. There are things that are always the same like the game, the rules and the excitement of playing. 

On the other hand there are also many aspects of playing a professional tournament that differ quite a lot from amateur golf. For instance, the whole course is in good condition, there are advertorial boards everywhere throughout the course, often surrounding the tees as well. You could say that the whole course and all other areas that you might go to are especially set up for this one week. That makes you feel special as a player and gives an atmosphere to the tournament that you would not have on a Wednesday afternoon on your home course.

Caddie facts

Another difference with golf at your home club, at least in Holland, is that caddies are sometimes mandatory for the players. The rule differs per tournament, where sometimes only the people who make the cut have to have a caddie and sometimes only the players in the last six or three groups in the weekend. Many settled players have a caddie who works for them every tournament week, but for me as a rookie on the tour this is not yet the case. Some tournaments I will pull my own bag on a trolley, mostly in the smaller tournaments, and sometimes I will bring my coach or my father to help me during the day. 

The Moroccan story

Last week I played my first tournament on the Ladies European Tour in 2012 and caddies were mandatory. I decided to take a local caddie for the week which I had found through the organisation. We met on the first tee during the practise round and I quickly found out that he did not speak English. We had to communicate through other caddies that could translate or just communicate without words. Luckily he knew enough about golf and also played himself, so I did not have to explain anything to him, but was kind of nervous at the start of the tournament because if he would do something wrong I would be responsible for it. 

He did incredibly well during the tournament and luckily showed op on time every day, but what felt funny for me was that we spent six hours together for five days in a row without really having any conversation! The important facts that we had to communicate about, like the next day’s tee-time, I wrote down on a piece of paper so I was sure that he understood. It was a great experience to play a tournament in this kind of situation, even though it was not ideal, I learned a lot from it!

Did you ever get in the same situation with a caddie?

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