Golf Buddies

Golf Buddies

Flying Blue Golf members share their favourite golf memories with you! Whether it’s the group of golf buddies they play with or how they got their start, read their experiences here

“Networking was invented by golfers”

Golf Buddy David Lopez Amezqueta plays anywhere, with anybody

David Lopez Amezqueta from Pamplona (Spain) is a real golf fan. He not only plays the game, David tweets and blogs to communicate with great enthusiasm about golf. He particularly enjoys meeting new people through golf and playing with anybody who likes to be out there. “I think ‘networking’ was invented by golfers many years ago, before twitter and other social media emerged… Spending hours on a course with another player, sharing your passion, suffering or enjoying, it all gives you a good connection with people.”

“My passion for golf started the first time I met Seve Ballesteros when I was ten years old”, David says. “Then I decided I wanted to be a person like him, as a golf player and as a human being. He simply dazzled me with his virtuosity and friendliness. He is my idol, the reference for a generation of Spanish golf players that never will be able to give back what he gave to us and to our sport.”

David’s golf club is Castillo de Gorraiz, at Pamplona. “This is the place where I like to play golf with my friends, although I also like to play at other places like San Sebastian and Logroño.” Thanks to social media, David has found many golf friends. “I am very active at Twitter and I tweet daily. In Spain many ‘jugones’ (golf fanatics) are organized in the #Twittour, for example. In my blog I try to be a real apostle of golf and try to reach a bigger audience. I like to tell stories of common people that play golf, and love the game as I do.”

Mental and physical

What is the main attraction? “It is an individual sport, with mental and physical effort. You fight against yourself and share this effort competing against others, surrounded by nature. All these things make golf unique. With my 12 handicap I think I've reached the best possible level for me. I would need to practice much more to lower my handicap any further. What matters is that I can enjoy the game! I am a ‘belindo’, meaning I do not hit the ball too hard from the tee, neither with the drivers nor with woods. I just try to put the ball in the right place in order to make a good approach and finish it well with the putt, which is my strongest point.”

Special taste

“I like to play anywhere that I can because every course has its special taste. I like the courses in my home country; the North of Spain has many green courses with sometimes tough weather conditions. When I play in the South of Spain or at Tenerife, with high temperatures, I am a happy man.”

“I encourage Flying Blue Golf members who want to play golf in the north of Spain to contact me. We have plenty of beautiful green golf courses over here, and our people and gastronomy are worth to be discovered!”

“Follow David on Twitter @MikeBelindo or visit his blog.

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