Golf Buddies

Golf Buddies

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Isabelle Piat: “My family members are my golf buddies”

Non-golfer becomes a ‘golf enthusiast´

Even though her parents had been playing for years, it took some time before Isabelle Piat (39) was convinced that golf was her game. She had always resisted the idea, saying that she´d rather play ‘real sports’ like tennis and windsurfing, until the summer of 1998 changed everything.

It took only one encounter with golf to totally change her perspective of the sport. “We were on holiday in the south of France where I attended a free golf clinic. I tried it... and... LOVED it!” says Isabelle, who is now so thankful to her parents for introducing her to the game. “I was living in Paris at the time, but I loved golf so much that I went to my parents in the countryside and played golf with them every weekend.


“In 2000 I married David, who unfortunately, was a convinced NON-golfer. I often tried to change his mind about golf, but he wouldn´t try it. So eventually I stopped playing as well, but I´ve always missed it since.” But everything changed in August, 2009. “On one of our holidays we visited my parents in the southeast of France, who then lived only one mile away from a magnificent golf course called ‘Golf de la Sainte-Baume’. The pro of this course organised a free golf initiation. My mother listed my husband, who then off course didn't dare to say ‘no’. It was a great success!”

Golfing and travelling

Isabelle and David have both been avid travellers all of their lives. “The great thing is that it is possible to play golf almost everywhere. This year, we went on a two-week trip to Spain. We had a mixed program, with seven days of sightseeing and seven days of golf. It was the best combination we could think of: a mix of an old and a new passion!”

Golfing as a family

Following Isabelle’s great enthusiasm for golf, her sister and brother in law later started playing too, and so last spring, they played their first 18-hole golf course in Christnach as a family. “It was lovely, we all enjoyed it.” The ‘Piat family’ now plays together often, and are more or less at the same level, with similar handicaps. Isabelle: “My father ‘s handicap is around 20, my mother and sister´s around 23 and I'm 26.1. My husband David and my brother-in-law Frank have somewhat higher handicaps, but to be honest, the handicap is not that important to us. We have great fun playing golf together. Once we have made our last putt and reach the 19th hole, we – being from France – all like to have a good time eating and drinking.” 

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