Golf Buddies

Golf Buddies

Flying Blue Golf members share their favourite golf memories with you! Whether it’s the group of golf buddies they play with or how they got their start, read their experiences here

“A long and happy golf life”

Markus Ernst, Colorado Springs, US

Markus Ernst, Colorado Springs, USA bad swing or a wrong stance can cause pain or even injuries in back and knees. When Markus Ernst, a German physiotherapist living in Colorado Springs (US) goes out to play, he sees many golfers that will sooner or later will have similar injuries. “For me, going for a round of golf on the lovely courses around Denver is more than just plain fun. I see professional challenges!”

Markus (41) thoroughly enjoys the fact that Denver offers 100+ golf courses and likes to play on as many of them as possible. “I like being out there, in a quiet, natural environment. I am lucky to live and work in a part of the US where there are so many great courses.” 

Fun at the game

Markus, a high handicapper himself, tries to become better every year, but having fun at the game is more important to him. “I work long days. In the weekends, I really feel the need to unwind and relax. Packing my golf bag in the weekend and going to a course is my way of leaving behind the stress of a week of hard work.” Although Markus is usually busy during the week, his frequent visits to clients at golf courses are seductive. “Sometimes I just cannot withstand the temptation to hit a few balls on the driving range or to go out on the course. I must add that the typical sunny Colorado weather adds to the seduction”, Markus laughs.

Meet other players

There is more to golf than just the game itself. “I like to meet other players. It is great fun to book a tee time with a flight of people that I have never met. It is the fun and social part of golf.” Watching other people play golf is, for Markus Ernst, more than just fun. “Healthy golf is more or less my profession and the reason why I moved to Colorado.” Markus is a Golf-Physio-Trainer who promotes the principles of Healthy Golfing, as developed by the European Association for Golfphysiotherapy e.V. (EAGPT e.V.). 

What are these principles? “It is all in the swing, the movement of the spine and the position of the head. For many, a slight change in these aspects means a big difference. Without pain, they play better and lead a healthier life”, says Markus. “The concept is currently being taught in several European countries and now also in the US, by me.” 

Practice and exercises

With specially developed methods of practice and exercises, including an individual biomechanically optimized golf swing, Markus offers golfers a way to prevent pain and damage and to have a symptom-free golf game. “I do not teach people a new golf swing, I leave that to the pros. I do however go out to see golfers at their course with my high-speed video camera, analyze their swing, stance and head position and help them alter the way they move. The difference is in the details, but the results can be great.”

Did you ever have to change your swing or stance to overcome an injury?

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